Serviceability in Beta Star Sterilizers

Though it may not be defined in Webster’s, serviceability is a critical aspect of all our sterilizer designs. But what does serviceability mean? Quite simply, serviceability is defined by the ease in which a piece of equipment (in this case, your autoclave) can be serviced for preventative or emergency maintenance. By maximizing serviceability in all of our autoclaves, we pass along cost-of-ownership savings and reduced downtime to you. As a result, your sterilization process runs more efficiently and economically.

With a wide range of autoclave dimensions and industry applications, design features that bring serviceability to life vary. However, many of the standard and optional design features can be applied to many of our sterilizers:

  • Nonproprietary Components: all of our autoclaves are built with easily-sourced components which reduce costs when compared to “name-brand” proprietary component options. We keep a full supply of replacement components ready to be shipped to your facility right away.
  • Quarter-Turn Manual Doors: usability and serviceability come together with the quarter-turn radial arm door. This manual door design eliminates the additional components of automatic doors by relying on the simple quarter-turn operation. This design is available in a variety of standard sizes, including: 24″ x 36″, 36″ x 48″. and 26″ x 63″ chambers.
  • Removable Fascia Panels: our sterilizers come with a removable front fascia panel to facilitate access to the vessel, mechanicals, and door. Side, back, and top removable panels are available as an option.
  • Clear Labeling: electric wiring, pneumatic valves, and tubing are clearly labeled and visibly traceable to assist service technicians in locating and identifying the proper connections for troubleshooting and replacements.

The recently-developed Beta Connect sterilizer control system can reduce sterilization downtime attributed to control issues from days and hours to minutes! Through a secure, 256-bit encrypted connection, Beta Star control technicians are able to communicate with the control system in real time. The system gives our customers a number of service and support options: remote support, mobile observation and control, sterilization management, and predictive maintenance with data analysis.