Patented Envirovac® Water Conservation System

Beta Star offers a water conservation vacuum system called EnviroVac® on all sizes of sterilizers, which was a former winner for the Green Vivarium Foundation’s Best Product or Service award. Developed by Beta Star Life Science Equipment, this patent-applied vacuum system reduces total water usage during an autoclave sterilization cycle by up to 80% when autoclaving porous or wrapped media. An emphasis on the water savings was engineered into the final EnviroVac® product, which circulates and reuses water in a condenser tank.

Fresh water, used in numerous manufacturing processes is being depleted at an excessive rate worldwide. By targeting major water utility requirement equipment, we can greatly reduce negative environmental impact on our freshwater resources.

Beta Star has been dedicating their resources to improve product features that will vastly reduce water utility consumption.

The patent-pending EnviroVac®, designed as a combination high vacuum/water condenser, requires a ½-inch copper water line with a minimum 20 psig for all autoclaves. Not requiring a liquid ring vacuum pump with a separate water condenser combines water and electric utility savings. The EnviroVac®, is also a high vacuum system capable of attaining 28.5³ hg on bulk sterilizers and 29.5³ hg on small to medium-sized sterilizers. The EnviroVac®, is not affected by normal fluctuations in water temperature and feed pressure, providing a more reliable energy efficient system.

An additional impact is more efficient air removal during preconditioning phase, providing more thorough steam penetration into porous loads and more efficient drying capability due to lower vacuum depths.