Case Study: Split-Bulk Installation

Split-Bulk Installation

Installing bulk sterilizers into existing and operating facilities is one of the toughest challenges of purchasing a bulk sterilizer. For one project, involving a large university in Pennsylvania, a split bulk 49″ x 86″ x 86″ sterilizer was installed inside of an existing building in the winter during the spring semester. The double door, split bulk sterilizer was manufactured and assembled in our shop before sending it to the customer location. Through analyzing the unique project challenges and creating customized solutions, the split bulk sterilizer satisfied customer expectations with a successful installation that did not require disruption of the building.

Project Challenges

  • Existing customer carts dictated internal chamber dimensions.
  • Installation in center of campus during school year.
  • Multiple 58″ x 84″ door jams in the building hallways on the way to the lab.
  • HVAC ducting and piping at pit entrance is lower than the height of the sterilizer.
  • Pit needed to be designed to handle staging and rotating of the chamber sections before assembly.

Creating Solutions

  • Custom designed interior chamber to work with existing loading cart and carriage accessories.
  • Overnight installation minimized disruption to college campus.
  • Chamber was manufacturing in three parts to ensure that all components fit through hallways and doorways.
  • Lowered pit design was made to place sterilizer pieces down into the pit to be rotated for final assembly.
  • On-site seam weld, hydro test, and ASME stamp.


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