Benefits of Refurbished Sterilizers

Certified, Refurbished Sterilizers are the Solution for a Budget-Conscious Facility 

Budgets at many laboratories across the country are squeezed to remove unnecessary spending. Grant money is getting harder and harder to come by. Unfortunately, these problems are nothing new. Budgeting issues should not have to freeze research and development projects, and with remanufactured as new steam sterilizers, those issues may not have to.

Remanufactured as new sterilizers provide three main benefits to the equipment owner including lower cost, an environmentally conscious solution to save material, and a retested/refurbished chamber with a renewed warranty.

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    Certifying Vessel and Door Integrity

    A Budget-Friendly Solution
    When building a sterilizer, a significant amount of the investment is used in material purchasing, typically 304 and 316L stainless steel. By using existing material, specifically the chamber, door and jacket, to create a newly refurbished sterilizer, significant cost savings are passed onto the end user’s organization.

  • Why Recycle When You Can Reuse
    Re-using sterilizer material also represents a significant environmental benefit that efficiently uses available resources to create a functional sterilizer without requiring the additional 1,699 lbs. of stainless steel material a typical 24″ x 36″ x 48″ chamber consumes.
  • Certified Chambers
    The Beta Star chamber re-certification program ensures the structural integrity of the vessel. This process includes careful inspection of the chamber, jacket, and door with optional ultrasound testing for these three components. The rest of the sterilizer, including insulation, piping, and control systems, are all replaced with new equipment and components. By replacing all of these components, a virtual “reset” button ensures that the sterilizer’s life expectancy can be that of a new sterilizer without investing significant money in a new chamber, jacket, and door(s).


The Beta Star Advantage

With Beta Star remanufactured sterilizers, you get the benefit of structural integrity and functionality testing backed the manufacturing expertise of a dedicated 250 employee team working in a state of the art, USA manufacturing facility. Vessel integrity is ensured by our ASME R-stamp certification with optional ultrasound and hydro testing capabilities completed on-site.

Any Make, Any Model

Across all of the various models and manufacturers of sterilizers, the building blocks of the sterilizer are fundamentally the same. This understanding of the equipment, developed through many years as a sterilizer service company servicing all types of sterilizers, allows us to deliver top quality remanufactured as new sterilizers.