About Beta Star

About Beta Star

About Beta Star

Beta Star Life Science Equipment was founded in 1982 in Telford, Pennsylvania as a steam sterilizer service company. Over the coming decades, the Beta Star team gained vast experience with autoclave equipment, and we began to develop a manufactured solution to the issues we were finding in the field. When presented with our first opportunity to build a sterilization system ourselves, we partnered with R-V Industries of Honey Brook, PA for their ASME vessel manufacturing capabilities to construct the sterilization chamber. In 2006, R-V purchased Beta Star to bring all operations under one roof, making us a premier, full-service steam autoclave engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance company.

Quality, Performance, and Serviceability

At Beta Star, all of our sterilization equipment is engineered and manufactured with a unique focus on overall quality, reliable performance, and minimal maintenance requirements. We rely on more than 30 years of experience with autoclave sterilizers to design the most effective sterilization solutions for applications in the biomedical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical industries. All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision to deliver dependable operation.

While we engineer our sterilizers to require far less maintenance than the competition, we also focus on serviceability to help ensure all of our equipment can be restored to peak performance quickly, easily, and reliably in the event service is needed. The quality, dependability, and ease of maintenance and serviceability built into all of our sterilization equipment combines to create unmatched value for all of our customers, no matter what the industry or application.

Single-Source Supplier

Our technical expertise allows us to assist and consult in the planning, specification, and provision of the sterilization equipment required to provide a complete laboratory sterilization system. We offer the following equipment for one-stop solutions:

  • Modular Walls
  • Environmental Seals
  • Clean or Electric Steam Generators
  • Loading Equipment
  • Cage/Rack Washers

Superior Products, Expert Service, Competitive Pricing, and Integrity

The Beta Star Blog

As a renowned autoclave manufacturer, Beta Star strives to remain at the leading edge of steam sterilization by being active in our industry and observing all of the latest trends. Click below to view our blog for the latest from our company and across the industry.

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