Vivarium (Bulk) Autoclaves

Beta Star Vivarium Autoclaves

In the vivarium industry, the key to successful sterilization is summarized in one word: throughput. Throughput, built on reliability and maximum capacity, is paramount to successful research in vivarium facilities. We understand that your research depends on keeping your animals in clean and sanitary cages, so we’ve built our equipment with non-proprietary components in our world class, 26,000 square-foot stainless and alloy-only manufacturing facility to ensure every bulk sterilizer we built is reliable.

Bulk sterilizers can be made in a variety of custom chamber sizes that with numerous options for customized width, height, and length. Our largest standard sterilizer chamber size is 72″ x 86″ x 86″, but have made larger sterilizers up to 120″ in depth. Regardless of size, single and double-door pass through options are available.